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Review of the 2016 exhibition (Part one) - Dental South China International Expo


March 2016 2-5, the twenty-first session of the Dental South China International Expo in Area C of China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex successfully held. 51070 from more than 100 countries and regions in the world of dentists, dental medical equipment purchaser, dealers, oral medicine experts and professors gathered in Guangzhou, to participate in the annual industry event oral. On this platform, the oral industry practitioners who can display products, purchase orders, learn technology, accept continuing education and meet good friends for the industry.


Exhibition article: the new technology of the oral industry comprehensive display

New year starting station for oral products

Dental South China Expo 2016 area of 50662 square meters, from more than 20 countries around the world, 927 exhibiting companies, as a barometer of the China and Asia oral health care industry, the South China International Dental show is annual exhibitors will showcase new products and new technologies of the starting station. Top domestic and foreign oral medical device companies through on-site display, clinical operation and demonstration, etc., to a global audience represents the dental market in China and Asia industry level and trend of various types of high-end technology products.

New product launches: decryption front mouth Technology

Dental South China Expo 2016 continues to introduce new technology and new product promotion, to show business people to provide a professional new show and promote the stage of new technology.

Industry insiders, this promotion will be a lot of products and technology won a number of patents, and generally have high standards, advanced technology, personalized and professional characteristics, to fill gaps in the domestic oral industry related fields, through the promotion will quickly in the field of dental technology and clinical application widely.

Pavilion display: to create a regional collective product name card

The exhibition, the German Pavilion, Korean Pavilion, Taiwan Pavilion, Foshan Nanhai Pavilion were displayed characteristic industrial cluster in the representative region of dental exhibits, highlighting the characteristics of different regional brand, Corporate Pavilions also through various forms of publicity and display, promotion of enterprise digital platform, show the overall image of the oral region industry development, professional audience recognition.


Conference Papers: academic research stage

Promoting the continuing education of the frontier and practical

Dental South China Expo 2016 is not only a platform for the display of the cutting-edge technology and leading products, but also oral continuing education, medical research achievements and practical clinical treatment technology, advanced equipment application experience sharing, and clinic management method, the exchange platform. More than 120 seminar held in the same period, from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, Japan, Germany and more than 160 experts to share their knowledge of the oral industry, the exhibition orthodontic special planting special "periodontal special" children's dental special "" oral and maxillofacial surgery special repair special "" prevention special "training of the American Dental Association," "orthodontic special training" tooth and dental pulp of special training "planting" periodontal special training class "and" special training "" special care "etc. professional academic conference attracted the industry's strong concern.

High end meeting: brilliant

As the oral health care sector annual event, the China Development Forum in stomatology hospital, the oral medicine will children's dental committee work conference, 2016 China children's oral medicine high-end forum and minimally invasive technique used Symposium in Dental South China Expo 2016 successfully held the eighth Professional Committee (Branch) work conference, Chinese Stomatological.


Private oral elite event

By Dental South China Expo 2016, Chinese Stomatological private oral health care Branch, Guangdong Province Private Dental Association sponsored by the society for the of the "South China Forum on the third private oral / the Ninth China private oral Sustainable Development Forum" also on March 3, successfully held. Subjects with the current private oral South China Forum to stick or across - the new normal under doctor's choice "as the theme, by elite dialogue, lecture, elite salon, fusion of oral medical field, medical field and the relevant regulatory authorities, with more than 800 private oral health care machine construction management together, in-depth study of the future development of private oral health care.


Service article: exhibition service was unanimous.

The exhibition, Dental South China Expo 2016 by through before the exhibition of multichannel audience service, enhance the exhibition visitors experience, but also organized the first overseas buyers mission -- Indonesia buyers mission exhibitors.

Micro channel pre registration during the exhibition show two-dimensional code can directly scan code admission, scan code process only takes 3 seconds, greatly improving the spectators speed; also this year launched a new booth search function, viewers need to search for a keyword can by booth guide map find booth and manufacturers. "Micro channel fan club" booth at the exhibition site, and also arranged for the free storage battery car service, is convenient for the audience to participate in exhibitions and seminars, and set up at the exhibition site, for everyone to provide free coffee, tea and WiFi, the audience can rest here, you can also play Games draw.

These services are affected by the unanimous praise from the audience, in the micro channel fan club message board, covered with a all the comments of the exhibition, they have said South China oral show more and more interesting, in the future will pay attention and support.